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(the most advanced private WoW Classic Vanilla 1.12 Blizzlike x1 Realm.)

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$15.0 USD (about €13,5 EUR)

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$29.0 USD (about €26 EUR)

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200 Gold
$56.0 USD (about €51 EUR)

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Update: 28th June 2019: We are no longer providing services for Kronos on this page (moved to We are providing services for Classic WoW RP-PvP Gold now, especially for people looking for RP Powerleveling Classic WoW

Welcome to We offer professional services for enhancing your Vanilla Experience.

What we offer here is enhancing your play time with supporting you with our services. If you are interested in raiding but don’t have additional time for farming the gold for consumables, got sick of hamstring (60%) mount but can’t get the coins together or interested in high raiding but the leveling part is taking too much time then our services are just for you.

Our services are only available to Kronos and known for their high quality. Also we would like to let you know that doesn’t use any hacks or exploits and all the inventory is gathered by hand

We are customer satisfaction oriented!

If you are a new customer, you might find the: how it works page usefull. You can also see the level 60 characters we have ready for you in this page.

FAQ - for purchasing Gold, Accounts or Powerleveling for Kronos WoW

1. How does the process work?

-Your order is guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours. If by any means the order is not delivered within 24 hours, we will not charge you any money. You will be notified that your order is ready to be delivered prior to the transaction. We deliver the gold simply by trading you in game since it is the safest way and not logged as mail delivery system. You are welcome to contact us any time via mail and skyp-e.

2. Why the pricing seems so high?

- As mentioned above, KronosGold is for people who want to enjoy the game the way they prefer it. If you have more important things to do in life than spending your days to get your mount or desired level, we are here to lend you a hand, otherwise you should seek help elsewhere. Considerable, multi-hour effort is required to even farm 50g on this realm, due to the server's population and low trade item gold value compared to other realms like Nostalrius, Warsong & ED on Feenix.

3. How safe is the process?

- We take many steps in order to preserve yours and ours account security even though Kronos's rules don't even mention any prohibition for account & gold trading, buying and selling. We stay behind lots of in-game transfers, and not even a single problem has been reported so far.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- As with the other realms we operate on, you are covered by our refund policy which is: If you don't get your gold within 24 hours of your purchase, simply request your refund on the following email address: We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

What KronosGold Clients Say...

Over 2K purchased so far

Matthew Thornton**** (16th October '15)

On several occassions, i bought 500g. Timely and safe delivery, each time. Many thanks for the great service!

Bought 200g package

Ethan Conway eth******** (7th October '15)

Hey, Thanks very much. Do you want me to leave some feedback somewhere? I'm impressed with your service. Regards,

Easy Trade

Matthew Thornton**** (25th June '15)

Smooth, easy trade - bought 400 gold for my Horde toon.

Safety & Security

Jarek Åsen asenospr*** (23th June '15)

Got a quick boost 30-50 when my work demanded of me to be offline. Legit service, looking forward to buying gold from you.

Brilliant - very satisfied!

Stephane Sorensen j.wow2*** (21th June '15)

Brilliant. Got my gold in 20 mins - heads up!

Hardcore Vanilla WoW Player

Aaron Coopman**** (17th June '15)

I feel lucky whenever i see the same team providing their services on every vanilla server i chose to play. They never missed an order!

Contact Information

Email: Skype: Gold4Kronos

Buy Gold for Kronos WoW - Vanilla 1.12 Realm

Update 20th October 2015: Pricing updated.
We enlarged our farming team and we are now able to provide 100g for $22, down from $36, or $22 per 100g if you are buying 500g.