About Gold4Kronos
(About us)

Our History of Services

We can call ourselves boutique compared to the other gold sellers out there. We are a team of seasoned players who utilize the exess amount of gold we have.

Why Kronos?

We were actually still playing in retail when Nostalrius was launced, then we realized how much we missed the vanilla days but were unsure completely quiting retail considering that Nostalrius was pretty buggy and unstable, however, when Kronos was launced we gave it a shot and realized that it would let us have the Blizzlike vanilla experience with quality scripting. So as a result we decided to leave retail and dedicate all of our time to Kronos.

Additional info about Gold4Kronos.net

As mentioned above Gold4Kronos is a rather boutique service provider which only serves in Kronos, however, being a boutique service provider enables us to dedicate all of our motivation to our clients in Kronos.

We offer players to enjoy the vanilla experience with offering them more time of quality play without worrying for grinding and leveling.

Contact Information

Email: info@gold4kronos.net Skype: Gold4Kronos

Buy Gold for Kronos WoW - Vanilla 1.12 Realm

Update 20th October 2015: Pricing updated.
We enlarged our farming team and we are now able to provide 100g for $22, down from $36, or $22 per 100g if you are buying 500g.