How it Works
(Compherensive guide for Kronos gold buyers)

Follow the instructions below after our home page:

1) Click on te bundle you want on home page.

2) We will ask you to share your contact information with us, your name, character name, faction, e-mail address. You can also add us on skype for live customer support.

3) As soon as you Complete your transaction on Paypal we will be notified.

4) Once the order is verified we will contact you for setting up a appropriate time to transfer the gold.

Your data is kept internally for 2 weeks and discarded afterwards.

We are in GMT + 0 time zone (Europe), even though we try to be online as much as we can, most convenient times are during the day and evenings untill midnight.

Contact Information

Email: Skype: Gold4Kronos

Buy Gold for Kronos WoW - Vanilla 1.12 Realm

Update 20th October 2015: Pricing updated.
We enlarged our farming team and we are now able to provide 100g for $22, down from $36, or $22 per 100g if you are buying 500g.