KronosGold Privacy Policy
(Safety First)

Information we gather

For utilizing our services we collect customer data by the following methods:

Google Analytics

For tracking the number of visitors we use Google Analytics data.

Facebook Audience

Facebook cookies are tracked for marketing purposes are used for customers who view our web site and are interested in our service.

What we don't track

Google analytics doesn't provide any data regarding the individual visitor's location, browser type and how they found out about or web site.

All precautions are taken in order to secure your safety!

We realize the neccesity of privacy in this business and fully assure you don't any detail is kept confidental.


Contact Information

Email: Skype: Gold4Kronos

Buy Gold for Kronos WoW - Vanilla 1.12 Realm

Update 20th October 2015: Pricing updated.
We enlarged our farming team and we are now able to provide 100g for $22, down from $36, or $22 per 100g if you are buying 500g.